Not a one trick pony

Modern day users expect more from you, as a provider, so when we say simple games we still mean a game with loads of features, not all of the obvious. Even a small point and click game will need some form of engagement to drive progression.

Below is a small and relatively easy description of what most games require in some form or another. Take a look and see what you recognise from games you have played, we think you will at least find three...


If ever there was a feature requested a million times it would have been a high score table. Today we have the new "Must-have", social integration. Now, before you start to panic think of this. Does your product need it or are you adding this because you think it is trendy. Integrations require maintenance and updates, so evaluate what this really means for ROI.


Every game that has been a huge hit uses micropayments. Not really. This is a false impression, "in game payments" are one revenue stream, selling the game is another and let us not forget in app advertising is also a good monitiser. If you sell virtual goods in your game the price does not need to be tiny, it needs to reflect the perceived value.


Obvious a game needs to be fun, but how to determine what is fun or not may not be as obvious as you think. We should never fall into the trap of thinking that one person represents everyone, a sample size of one is not a metric in any product rating. Focus or group testing is good and always listen to feedback, you can only make it better if you know the problems.

Foot note

So we said at the top of the page you would recognise three from our list, well that means you hit 100% on our test. But what the real meat and potatoes of game making is all about is passion and dedication. The Game Silo is a multi-verse of talented people, ready to apply their hardend skills to your project. See some of their work by following the link...


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