Our story

Before the age of the internet, games existed on what seems now archaic media. Hour long loading from cassette tapes, floppy disks and for the enthusiast - entering lines of code from the pages of magazines. Since then we have made progress and now pretty much everything hurtles down the pipe or through the air to our devices.

In early 2015 HTML5 was on our radar, a new and interesting way to make games in your browser. No more Flash™ complexities and easy entry for javascript programmers to start to make games. It almost felt like a full circle had come from the days of basic on something like the C64 to "run in a browser" scripting.

It was at this point we made a radical shift to be one of the early adopters of HTML5. The good old days of "What is better. Flash or HTML5?" have now long since gone and as December 2020 hit, Flash was dropped from browsers. So here we are, still developing with passion all types of titles and exclusive apps for our happy clients!

The Game Silo is not just games, we know you also need today some way to manage your product. Let us not forget a place to house it, data to store and analyise, oh, and a way to visualise your metrics. In todays arena there is so much to learn from our users and great insights from live data that help us improve our apps, therefore we developed the backoffice solutions that manage and tune our apps keeping revenue and player retention on target.

Over time we have developed our core systems that now form the backbone of the complete solution. So when you have a game from The Game Silo you also have the tools to manage them, monitor them and all the data and analytics you can dream of. Oh and a way to visualise them.

Still, with over 25 years of games industry experience, you would kind of expect that... If the new kids do not offer this whole package, you have to ask why... As a wise publisher once said "If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, go hire an amateur"

Happy gaming!

The Team

Our global team of professionals share one common goal: Making great content. We are not trying to make time travel possible we are making software and games that we care about. Our names are on here, our reputations are defined by our commitment and pride in our work and our delivery of the projects we undertake. We care about the delivery of our work, this is not a job - this is our creation. Meet the team below

Andrew Spanswick

CEO and Founder
Still doing the one's and zero's, runs the place, general nice chap

Zorica Arsova

Lead Application Architect
Leads application development, makes all the cool tools, keeps Andy on target too

Patricia Donggon

Head of 2D/UI
Making our world visually stunning using Art and design. Concept, creation and production. If it looks stunning its mine!

Riste Spaseski

Lead JS/Node/Games
Your playing it because I made it! Making games and playing games powered by coffee. Strong coffee

Aleksander Sablin

Head SFX/Music
Sound engineering is a balance of creativity, talent and a good ear

Sergey Romanov

NOC and Monitoring
Servers need TLC. Andy says Electricity, which is true. But I give TLC called YUM

Eugenia Rakhmatova

Head AI/ML
Outstanding Pianist as well as the brains behind the AI and ML

Natalia Wendham

Digital Art/Web content
Digital marketing assets and web images to dazzle you with

Oksana Kvitka

Marketing and social media, the celestial entities and some calming to the day

Alistair Harper

Product Analyist
Product sounds very ambiguous but reviews, research and reports sounds dull

Eric Cruz

Lead 3D/Environment artist
Turning ideas into 3D digital art, making games look gorgeous


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