Full control

When you have a game running on your system you always want to feel in control of your product. We deliver not just the game or app, but the tools to manage them for yourself. Not only lowering the cost of ownership but giving insight and data on performance.


Our backoffice fully integrates to your back office, you already have a system where you log in and manage users, account information and so on? That is perfect, we have a very simple API and a webhook backend.

If you don't already have a way to manage users and accounts and maybe you are looking for this system to be a solution for that, maybe you just want to run one of our marketing games, then we also have a solution for that in our tools. Manage your system using your tools or our Game Management System is completely up to you

Management tools

We have a solution provided with the games that allows you to manage your games. Not just decide which game is on or off, but choose the type of game it plays and monitor its performance. Access the user accounts to see how a players game went and the ability to review a users games played. In the event a user queries the outcome of a game there is the replay feature that allows a game to be re-played so you can see exactly what happened.


High performance, let us not get confused with shoddy rendered animations, cheap gloss over effects. We took our time and made the system work optimally across all devices and still use real effects. If you want to test it out check our games page, but be careful, you may realise you have been spending too much on lesser products prior to finding us.


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